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goldensun100's Journal

Golden Sun fic challenge
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Welcome to Golden Sun 100! We are a friendly, low pressure writing community here to spread love and generate some new works in the Golden Sun fandom. Once you understand how the community works, make a claim and start writing! Happy writing!

01. Join the community. Posting access is granted automatically.

02. Please check the claims post before making a claim. When you've decided on what you want to write about, simply comment here with the appropriate information and I'll add you to the claims list. You may begin posting as soon as you get accepted.

03. No more than 2 claims per person. With that said, if you've claimed a character, please refrain from claiming a pairing with that character in it. (If you've claimed Isaac and wish to have a second claim please do not claim a pairing featuring Isaac.) And in that same vein, no more than 3 people per claim. (If person A, B, and C have claimed Felix then Person D will have to wait until one of them finishes or gives up.).

04. Themes may not be combined. Each must have their own separate story. The stories can be part of a series or standalone.

05. We accept ALL kinds of pairings (yaoi, yuri, or het) here. If you do not like something, please kindly scroll past it and we'll have a better day for it.

06. Please rate and warn for Dark Dawn spoilers and content when appropriate.

And that's it! If you're ready, go ahead and pick a table and make your claim!